Best Value Dog Insurance - Benefits, Advice and Value

The Best Value Insurance for Dogs

Each and every canine pet owner wants to get the best value dog insurance. The question is how to find it and how to recognise it when you do. The reality is that the rule "one size fits all" cannot be applied to pet insurance products. This is because the needs of each animal are different and so are the requirements and budgets of owners. It is worth defining what you need exactly and how much you can afford to pay. This will certainly help you get the ideal product for you and for your beloved pooch.

The Best Value Dog Insurance Advice

Consider your pet's breed when looking for the best value dog insurance. Usually, the health of a dog depends greatly on its breed. Some animals are at higher risk of conditions such as hip dysplasia while others are predisposed to diseases affecting the bones and joints such as arthritis. Urinary tract infections are more common in small breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers.

Use a dog medical guide and consult your veterinarian to figure out the health risks of your pet. If these are many and fairly serious, you should certainly consider a lifetime policy. It may be the best value dog insurance for you since it will give you a fairly large amount of coverage which you can use as you deem fit. It can be used for paying for the treatment of a single condition or a number of conditions. If your dog is not at risk of any serious disease, you can readily consider a policy with condition caps or one with condition and time caps. These are less flexible, but cheaper at the same time.

The Best Value Insurance for the Older Dog

Take into account your pet's age to find the best value dog insurance for it and for you. Old pets are at higher risk of chronic and incurable illnesses and serious injuries. Furthermore, they may suffer from more than one condition at the time. That is why their owners should consider more comprehensive and flexible insurance. Usually, lifetime cover policies are recommended for old pets.

You can also consider policies specifically tailored for senior dogs. These offer either lifetime cover or sufficiently large amount of cover per condition. The best thing about them is that they have no upper age limit. Your pet will continue to be covered after it reaches 10 years and even 15 years of age.

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Choosing the Best Value Dog Insurance

Choose the best value dog insurance depending on your dog's general health, lifestyle and behaviour. If your pet is obese, its risk of heart disease including diabetes and cancer will automatically increase. For this reason, you may consider buying a more comprehensive policy with a larger amount of coverage. Some animals are more active and less obedient than others. This puts them at higher risk of injuries. If your pet has had one or two leg injuries in the past, for instance, you are highly recommended to go for a more flexible plan with bigger cover.

Check your vet's fees or the fees at your local vet clinic to figure out how much insurance you should buy. This will certainly help you immensely in picking the best value dog insurance. Calculate how much you will need to pay for the treatment of a common illness such as urinary tract infection and for the treatment of a frequently occurring injury sprain. This will give you an idea of how much coverage you will require. This method for determining how much insurance to buy is particularly helpful when you shop for per-condition plans, which are the most abundantly offered on the market.

Best Value Dog Insurance cover benefits

Figure out which types of additional cover benefits will be useful to you and which ones you will most certainly not need. This will help you decide on the precise features of the best value dog insurance for you. The owners of active pets that are taken out frequently and interact with a lot of people and other animals will find public liability cover useful. Every owner will benefit from the typical advertising and reward cover which can be used in case a pet goes missing. Still, if you do not feel that you should pay monthly instalments for having such costs covered by the insurer, you should not get it.

Take a look at all the other available additional types of covers and evaluate them from your own perspective to make a final choice. These include theft and straying benefit, death benefit, holiday cancellation cover, boarding fees cover and overseas travel cover. Some insurers may offer other types of covers such as burglar reward.

The best value dog insurance is the one that gives you the necessary level of cover at the lowest possible price. That is why it makes sense to shop around once you have defined your needs, preferences and requirements. Collect quotes from as many insurers as possible. Most will provide online quotes within a minute of sending a correctly filled quote-request form. Then make a comparison based on the most important factors for you.

If a policy offers exactly what you need, but it is a little bit expensive, you should not hesitate to ask for a discount. Every company tries to offer the best value dog insurance so they usually have various discounts including ones available to all pet owners.