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Direct line Logo Direct LineCat Insurance Cat up to25% up to£6,000 tick tick from£80 varies viewGO
12 months' pet insurance for the price of 9. Introductory offer applies to the first 12 months' premium. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
john lewis insurance logo John LewisCat Insurance Cat up to10% up to£10,000 tick tick from£75 unlimited viewGO
Vets Medi Cover logo VetsMediCoverCat Insurance Cat up toNA up to£10,000 tick tick £80 unlimited viewGO
One Pet, One Price - no quotation necessary! Included is: Only £80 excess, Lifelong cover, Complementary therapy, Cover for dental treatment, £1 million third party liability.
Argos insurance logo ArgosCat Insurance Cat up to10% up to£7,000 tick tick from£65 varies viewGO
homebase insurance logo HomeBaseCat Insurance Cat up to10% up to£7,500 tick tick from£75 varies viewGO
animal friends logo Animal FriendsCat Insurance Cat up to0% up to£6,000 tick tick from£69 varies viewGO
Animal Friends is the ethical pet insurance specialists; we donate a large amount of our profits to Animal Welfare charities and have done for over a decade.-------------------------
debenhams insurance logo DebenhamsCat Insurance Cat up to0% up to£7,000 tick tick from£75 unlimited viewGO
churchill logo ChurchillCat Insurance Cat up to20% up to£3,000 tick tick from£65 months12 viewGO
Up to £1,000 for advertising or reward if your pet is lost or stolen.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E&L insurance logo E & LCat Insurance Cat up to25% up to£6,000 tick tick from£65 months12 viewGO
cooperative insurance logo The Co-operativeCat Insurance Cat up to25% up to£5,000 tick tick from£75 varies viewGO

Compare Pet Cat Insurance Online

Cat Insurance Comparison - How to Get The Best and Cheapest Cat Insurance Policy

Are you asking yourself the pet insurance golden question? “Do I really need to buy pet cat insurance?” It is very easy for us to say “yes go ahead buy your Cat Insurance” but it is most important for you to consider the types of cover you need and the cost effectiveness of a cat insurance policy before you purchase. You might even find that it's cheaper to self insure your cat. This is just a case of risk management.

No matter if your cat has a pre-existing medical condition or not you can still take out a cheap cat insurance policy. However, we believe that it is well worth while doing a cat insurance comparison online before signing up for the first pet cat insurance policy you come across. Remember, there are several insurance companies that exclude pre-existing medical conditions from their current policies! In other words, if your cat has a re-occurring illness then you will incur substantial veterinary bills which are not covered under a basic cheap cat insurance policy. Then there are insurance companies that will not exclude a recurring illness but will charge much higher premiums. So it is important to do your research before going ahead with your Cat Insurance.

There are numerous pet insurance companies which all offer similar types of pet insurance specifically designed for cat(s). Before making your cat insurance comparison you will first need to make a list of the requirements needed for your cat before taking out a pet cat insurance policy. Some of the things you might want to consider in your cat insurance comparison:

  1. Where do I live? close to a main road or out in the country.
  2. Can I get away with the most basic of policies even though my cat is getting old?
  3. Is my cat a pedigree and does it have hereditary conditions which I need to cater for?
  4. Do I want a low excess?
  5. Will I need to include kennels and boarding should my cat require hospital treatment while I’m away on holiday?
  6. If my cat is stolen do I want the insurance company to cover the cost of advertising and a reward?

Cat Insurance Additional Costs

As you can see the cost of pet cat insurance is determined by a number of factors which includes the age of the cat, any pre-existing medical conditions and geographical location. If you live in a big city then the likelihood of a claim is far higher as opposed to owners who live in the country. If you are not sure about which type of insurance you need then ask the advice of your local vet and at the same time ask for recommendations of cheap cat insurance. If you have a pedigree cat then ask the cat clubs as well as other cat owners with similar breeds for referrals and recommendations.

In addition, the best pet cat insurance plan will also cover an owner for legal liability. Should your cat cause any personal damage to another person’s animal or property then you will be covered and the insurance company will award the person compensation if deemed appropriate. If a cat meets with a serious accident or is at an age where they need to be put down a pet insurance company will help an owner with burial or cremation costs. If for example you have booked a holiday and just before you leave your cat is taken seriously ill and you need to cancel your well-earned holiday then some pet insurance companies will forfeit the costs of your cancellations fees so it is important to bear this in mind.

Some additional costs which you might need to cover on your policy:

  1. Fixing a cat's broken leg, for example, can cost £825
  2. Surgery for a cat that has eaten something dangerous can cost £1,500
  3. Severe bladder infection treatment that may require a kidney transplant, as an owner you could be looking at around £2000 for such a procedure!
  4. Urinary tract reconstruction for a cat costs around £1,400

The likelihood of ever needing these treatments is small but they do need to be considered if you want an effective pet cat insurance to cover all eventualities. The effect that sick animals have on a family is sometimes heart-breaking so it’s important to cover you cat with the correct policy.

Cheap Cat Insurance

Check for available discounts as part of the pet cat insurance comparison. There are companies offering discounts to owners of a number of pets if they are insured under separate or under the same policy. If you have another policy with a company, you may be eligible for a multi-policy discount. Many companies will offer some discount to clients who pay their annual premium altogether instead of making monthly payments. Additionally, there may be promotional offers for insuring certain breeds at lower prices. In this way, you can get some discount if your pet is from a particular breed.

After you have made your pet insurance comparison, you should contact the company via their website or email the insurance provider you have chosen to buy a policy from. It would also be a good idea for you to talk to a representative of the company before making a purchase of a policy. Read carefully the terms and conditions of the insurance agreement. Make sure you know how you can make a claim and how much excess you will need to pay, when you make a claim. Check what payment methods and customer support are available, so that you can manage the policy that you buy effectively.

If you take the time to make a pet insurance comparison and have your pet covered by a good insurance plan, then you won't have to worry about any misfortunes happening to your pet. Having insurance, however, does not mean that you should not arrange for preventative care to be provided to your pet. In any case, it is much cheaper to prevent an illness rather than to pay for its treatment even with insurance at hand.