Cat Travel Insurance - Understanding Cat Travel Insurance

Cat Travel Insurance

Understanding Cat Travel Insurance

You can visit many countries around the world together with your furry feline friend. Now you can take advantage of cat travel insurance as well as of special offers from pet friendly hotels, dining places and attractions. The world is becoming only more welcoming to pets, but also more protective of them. Find out how a travel policy will help you enjoy your trip fully without worrying about any misfortunes which may occur.

Cat Travel Insurance Cover Levels

Just like with travel policies for humans, there are different types of plans for pets as well. The single trip cover is the most popular option because it is the simplest and most flexible of all. You will be able to use the entire amount of cover available to pay any emergency expenses during the trip. The terms and conditions should be fairly simple to understand.

The annual travel cat insurance is designed for feline pet owners that make regular overseas trips together with their four-legged friends. You are entitled to a set amount of cover per year. Usually, there is no restriction to the number of trips which you can make, but such a limitation may be present with the cheapest policies. In most cases, you will be able to use the annual amount of cover available as you deem fit.

There are no limitations to the number of claims which you can make during the year. Still, you may not be able to make more than one claim per cover benefit per trip. In general, you should take some time to determine how comprehensive and versatile an annual cat travel insurance policy is in order to decide whether it will be useful to you. Do not miss to check whether you will save more with an annual policy or with a single trip policy in your particular case.

Cat Travel Insurance Cover Benefits

All of the main cover benefits which you can use in the UK should be included in your policy for overseas travel. These are for vet fees, for theft and straying and for death. Needless to say, a holiday cancellation cover benefit should be included as well.

It is essential for every cat travel insurance policy to have quarantine fees benefit. Under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), your cat should pass the boarder control when you enter another country without having to stay in quarantine. However, this may happen in case there is a problem with the microchip or in case its passport or PETS certificate has been lost. The insurer will pay for your pet's stay in quarantine due to unforeseen events.

Passport loss cover benefit is present in virtually all cat travel insurance plans. You will be able to use it to pay for the issuing of replacement documents for your pet. It should be pointed out that some cover benefits of this type can be used for replacing any of your cat's documents and not only its passport. This should be clearly indicated in the terms and conditions of the policy.

Repatriation cover is typically available with cat travel insurance policies. It is designed to pay the costs of transporting your pet back home if it is sick or injured. The insurer will pay for the repatriation of the remains of the animal, in case it dies during the trip abroad.

Third party liability cover, also known as public liability cover, is not widely available for feline pets in the UK as they tend to stay only within the property of their owner and do not interact with members of the public and other animals much. However, things are different when you go abroad as you will take your cat on the plane with you and in hotels and restaurants. In this case, this type of cover becomes quite handy. Under it, the insurer will compensate third parties for property damage and bodily injury caused by your cat.

Accommodation benefit may be included in your cat travel insurance policy as well. It covers the cost of staying abroad due to your pet falling ill, getting injured, going missing or staying in quarantine. It is quite useful to have.

Cat Travel Insurance Prices

In general, policies designed to cover your pet during trips abroad should not be particularly expensive. The price will depend on the type of policy you buy and on the types and amounts of covers included. The insurer will consider the risk of your pet getting sick and injured and the risk of it being involved in accident. They may also take into account the vet fees in the country which you plan to visit. It should be pointed out that while the premium is the total price of the policy which is fixed, the excess fees for the different types of cover benefits usually vary. Check what these are to know how big your contribution towards the claim payment has to be.

It is best to collect and compare quotes from different companies so that you can find the product which gives you the best value for your money. However, if you want to take out the policy quickly and without much hassle, you should check with your insurer whether cat travel insurance can be automatically added to your existing plan.