Cheap Cat Insurance - Is Budget Cat Insurance the Right Insurance for My Cat?

Cheap Cat Insurance

Is Budget Cat Insurance the Right Insurance for My Cat

Many feline pet owners go for cheap cat insurance because they are certain that they will not have to use it. However, before you decide to go for a budget option, you have to find out what you will get for your money, how useful the cover will be to your pet and whether alternatives are available. This guide is designed to help you with this. Use it before you make up your mind.

What does cheap cat insurance offer?

The least expensive of all option is the annual cover level. You can expect to pay only a couple of pounds per month for it. As a policy holder, you are entitled to a limited amount of cover pet condition. Usually, the limit is the same for all conditions. You will be able to make a single claim per condition.

The issuer will pay the cost of the treatment of your pet up to the limit per condition or up to one year after you make the claim. The company will cease the payments as soon as one of these limits is reached. It depends on which one comes first.

This is how cheap cat insurance works. Usually, you will not obtain additional types of cover benefits as part of your budget policy. You will have to pay any cattery fees, advertising and reward costs and holiday cancellation costs out of your pocket. Similarly, you will not receive compensation if your pet gets lost or stolen or if it dies.

What are the limitations of cheap cat insurance?

The main limitation is that there is a fixed amount of cover for every condition which your pet may suffer from. However, the treatment cost may exceed the limit considerably. A fixed per-condition cover of 2,000 pounds will be quite affordable, but the initial treatment of a serious condition such as feline diabetes can cost over 3,000 pounds. This means that you will have to pay the remaining 1,000 pounds out of your pocket.

The other major limitation of cheap cat insurance is that it cannot cover the cost of treatment of chronic conditions. It is worth taking the example of feline diabetes again. After the initial treatment, your pet will require insulin therapy and perhaps some medications. The annual policy will eventually expire and no insurer will agree to cover your cat for diabetes at it will be regarded as a pre-existing condition. Basically, you will have to pay for your pet's treatment out of your pocket for the rest of its life.

The fact that you can make only one claim per condition on a cheap cat insurance policy makes it quite restrictive. If your pet suffers from the same illness or gets the same injury again, you will have to pay for the entire treatment.

What are my pet's needs?

The reality is that cheap cat insurance is quite limited, but this does not mean that it will be useless to you. Insurers decide how much to charge every customer for their policy based on the risk which they assume. The level of risk and consequently the price are evaluated on the basis of individual factors. That is why it makes sense for you to do the same. Evaluate your individual circumstances to decide whether a budget policy will be the best option for you.

Take into account the age and overall health of your pet when deciding on cheap cat insurance. Younger pets are less likely to get seriously ill or injured. If your feline is in good shape, has a balanced diet, gets a lot of exercise and lives in the safe environment of your home, it is certainly at lower risk of illness and injuries. You can readily go for an affordable policy, if your main goal is to save.

However, if your pet is obese, for instance, it is at higher risk of injuries, heart disease and diabetes. In this case, you should certainly consider a more comprehensive and flexible policy even if it costs more. You will actually be able to save quite a lot if your pet will need treatment in the future.

Consider the vet fees in your area as well. There is no point in going for cheap cat insurance if it will not be sufficient for paying even for the treatment of common conditions such as ear infections.

Is there a way to save on more expensive pet insurance?

You should not worry about having to spend a fortune, if you decide that cheap cat insurance is not the right option for you. The more comprehensive lifetime cover plans are certainly more expensive. However, there are ways in which you can save on them as well.

The simplest option for saving is to go for a discount which are usually advertised by the insurance company, but remember the price will be valid for one year only. The other main way in which you can save is to lower the premium and raise the excess. This is quite beneficial for owners of strong and healthy pets. If you use this option, however, you have to make sure that the excess remains affordable to you.

Decide whether to go for cheap cat insurance or not taking into account all important factors.