Pet Dog Breeder's Insurance

Insurance for a Dog Breeder - Benefits and Costs

As a dog breeder, you are responsible not only for the wellbeing of your dogs, but also for their offspring. Dog's breeder's insurance will help you cover all costs associated with keeping such a pet and offering healthy and strong pups to your clients. You should certainly consider taking advantage of such a policy after learning what it can provide to you.

Do I really need dog breeder's insurance?

You need such cover if you plan to offer the puppies of your pet to the general public. This kind of policy will be useful to you, in case you do not plan to spay your pet. This is because standard pet insurance plans does not cover veterinary costs for giving birth and ones associated with gestation. Besides, this kind of policy will help you find owners more easily for your pups as they will come insured. This is a huge benefit to have not only as a professional breeder, but as a person who does not want to keep all the pups from a litter in their home.

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What does dog breeder's insurance cover?

A typical policy should include all cover benefits present in standard pet insurance plans. These are vet fees cover, third party liability cover, boarding fees cover, advertising and reward cover, holiday cancellation cover, theft and straying cover and death cover. Basically, you will get financial protection from virtually anything bad which can happen to your pet and in case you are unable to care for it yourself.

Check carefully the vet fees cover, when buying breeder's dog insurance. You have to be absolutely certain that you will get adequate reimbursement for the costs associated with the medical treatment of your pet. Check if the insurer offers lifetime, time-limited or per-condition cover. It is best if you are able to pick your preferred option. Figure out how much cover you need to buy based on your pet's breed, age and health.

There is a special breeding cover included in breeder's dog insurance. It is designed to pay for all veterinary treatments associated with breeding that are excluded from the standard vet fees cover. Most often, fertility tests and treatments, complications from gestation and dystocia and whelping are covered, but it is best to check specifically with the respective insurer. The breeding cover will pay for your puppies' veterinary treatment while they are still with you. Check the limit to this type of cover and find out how it can be used. The different companies may set different kinds of rules, limitations and exclusions.

The breeder's dog insurance may provide compensation for death due to gestation and whelping. This will help you pay any veterinary fees that are excluded from the respective healthcare cover. More importantly, you will get financially compensated for the loss of a valuable dog and its puppies which you were planning to sell.

Instant puppy insurance is also available as part of most dog breeder's insurance packages. This type of coverage is designed to protect the young puppies during the first few weeks with their new owners. As a breeder, you have the opportunity to provide such a policy with each pup that you sell. This will give the dog extra value and help you build your reputation. Basically, it is good for business as well as for ensuring the wellbeing of the litter of your beloved pooch.

Commonly, instant puppy insurance is automatically provided for breeders' pups that are at least 6 weeks old. You can activate the policy some time before the collection of the dog for sale. Usually, you will be able to do it a week in advance. Once activated, the policy will enter into force immediately. You just have to arrange the submission of the papers to the new owners. This type of policy has a validity period that is usually four weeks. You should make the new owners aware of this.

The most basic instant puppy insurance available with dog breeder's insurance plans cover veterinary fees associated with the treatment of illnesses and injuries. The issuer may include advertising and reward benefit, theft and straying benefit and even death benefit. It is worth checking what is available as part of the package.

How much will I have to pay for dog breeder's insurance?

This type of policy is certainly more expensive than the standard pet insurance plans. However, there are bonuses that breeders are automatically entitled to. For instance, the instant puppy insurance is usually available for free. As long as your pet is covered, you will be able to obtain policies for all pups without paying a single penny.

Shopping around is perhaps the most effective way for saving on dog breeder's insurance. Collect and compare quotes from various companies offering such plans. Do not miss to check for discounts. Multiple pet discounts and online policy purchase discounts are available from most insurers.

If you decide to turn dog pedigree breeding into a business, you will need not only standard dog breeder's insurance. Equipment and employer's liability insurance will also be useful to you. Such policies may be available from the company which sold you your breeder's plan. It may offer a discount to existing customers.