Dog Condition Cover Insurance - Dog Condition Cover Insurance Explained

Dog Condition Cover Insurance

Canine pet owners usually focus on two options when it comes to covering their pet's vet fees - time-limited and lifelong insurance policies. However, there is also dog condition cover insurance. This option gives you considerable flexibility and security. It can be more than affordable as well. You should certainly consider it.

How will dog condition cover insurance work for your pet?

As the name of this type of policy suggests, there is a specific amount of coverage per condition available. Some insurers set different limits for the different illnesses and injuries, but this is generally rare. Usually, for the sake of simplicity, the cap for all conditions is the same.

There are no time limits to the dog condition cover insurance. The underwriter will continue to pay for the treatment of your pet for as long as necessary up to the cover limit. This makes it possible to keep the policy for as long as it works for you.

The major limitation of this type of pet insurance policy is that you can make a single claim per condition. Once this is done, you cannot make another one. Still, you can continue making claims for all other illnesses and injuries.

What are the additional benefits coming with dog condition cover insurance?

A standard plan normally includes third party liability cover, boarding fees cover, theft and straying cover, advertising and reward cover, holiday cancellation cover and a death benefit. You would certainly benefit from having money at your disposal to pay for advertising your pet in case it goes missing. Similarly, you will not have to worry about leaving your pooch in a kennel while you are in a hospital. More importantly, a great financial burden can be taken off your shoulders if your pet causes a costly damage to someone else's property while playing outside.

Are there exclusions to the dog condition cover insurance?

The standard plans are available to young and adult dogs, but not to very small pups and senior pets. Usually, the companies set the lower age limit to 6 or 8 weeks. The upper age limit is 8 or 10 years. You should check this carefully before purchasing a policy.

Most insurers refuse to cover canines from breeds which are mentioned in the Dangerous Dogs Act. Your pet may not qualify for any kind of pet insurance if it is a Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa or Fila Brasileiro. It is best to check with an expert about your specific case so that you can receive complete information on the matter.

The typical dog condition cover insurance policies do not include vaccination, flea control and castration and spaying. You will have to pay for these treatments out of your pocket. Most policies of this type exclude pre-existing conditions as well. Some do not cover hereditary conditions either.

Is dog condition cover insurance cheap?

This type of policy falls in the middle of the range. It is slightly costlier compared to limited-time plans and considerably less expensive than lifetime cover policies. It should be pointed out that you can choose the amount of cover to purchase and this will affect the price to a great extent. There are plans with a limit of £1,000 per condition. There are also policies with £3,000 per condition. Naturally, the latter will cost more, but you will be able to save more in case your pet falls sick or get injured.

Apart from the annual premium, which you will be able to pay in monthly instalments, there is an excess. It is paid every time you make a claim. The amount of the excess can vary considerably from one policy to another. It can be a flat fee, a percentage of the claim or a sum calculated on the basis of your pet's age, breed and location. For instance, pet owners in the London area sometimes have to pay a larger amount of money out of their pocket as the vet fees there are traditionally higher than in the rest of the country.

In general, this type of policy is quite affordable for virtually all canine pet owners. Besides, there are all sorts of discounts that you will be able to take advantage of. There are online purchase discounts, multiple pet discounts and loyal client discounts, to name a few of the main ones.

Is this type of policy suitable for my canine pet?

The dog condition cover insurance is recommended for young and adult canine pets that are at fairly low risk of chronic illnesses and injuries. This type of policy is certainly more comprehensive than the time-limited and annual plans as it can cover your pet for as long as necessary. Besides, you can pick the amount of cover per condition that is most suitable for you and that will give you the peace of mind that all the vet bills will be paid.

This type of plan is not recommended for old pets and ones with chronic illnesses and/or injuries. This is because the amount of cover per condition will eventually expire and you will not be able to make further claims in order to have the insurer pay for a long-term treatment.