Dog Grooming Insurance - Tips on Insuring A Grooming Business For Dogs

Tips on dog grooming insurance for your business.

Why you need dog grooming insurance for your business.

Every business providing grooming services for canine pets should have dog grooming insurance. When a client's four-legged companion is left in your care, you are entirely responsible for the animal. Virtually, you become the owner. Hence, it is your responsibility to protect the dog, the general public and yourself. Even if you do your best, accidents may happen. In such cases, the insurance can cover all related costs. You certainly need such a product. You just have to pick the right one for you.

Which dog grooming insurance policy do I choose for my business?

Go for dog grooming insurance that is as comprehensive as possible. It is worth putting yourself in the position of carer and owner to find out exactly what you will need. The care, custody and control liability cover also known as custodial cover is virtually mandatory for all groomers. If a dog in your care gets injured or manages to escape from your parlour and gets lost, you will be able to use this cover benefit to compensate the owner.

There are additional benefits that work to complement the custodial liability cover and you should consider getting them as part of your dog grooming insurance also. You can get vet fees cover, advertising and reward cover, theft and straying cover and even death cover. If a dog gets injured accidently whilst in your care, you should be able to pay the cost of treatment with your policy. Similarly, if an animal gets lost or stolen, you will be able to contribute to the cost of advertising and any reward the owner may offer via your policy. In case the owner cannot retrieve their pet, the insurance company will cover the compensation which you pay to them via the theft and straying cover.

Go for a dog grooming insurance policy that includes a public liability cover also known as third party liability cover. If a dog that you are grooming causes a bodily injury to a member of the public or damage to their property, you will be the one held responsible and not the owner. This person may appeal to the court for compensation which you will have to pay. When you have public liability cover, the insurer will cover the entire sum minus the contribution which you will make in the form of an excess fee.

Include a grooming equipment cover benefit in your policy as well. It is designed to protect the items which you use from all kinds of perils including natural disasters. You can readily purchase coverage equal to the cost of the equipment which you are using. That way, your business will be 100 per cent protected from losses and you will not waste any money on buying coverage which you do not need.

Consider including personal accident cover in your dog grooming insurance plan. This type of benefit is designed to provide financial compensation for any injuries resulting from work accidents. All sorts of accidents are covered from dog bites to slipping and falling on the floor. You are entitled to receiving compensation for all kinds of injuries including ones involving loss of fingers or limbs. Such frightening things are unlikely to occur, if you take all safety measures in your grooming shop, but you may want to purchase such a cover just in case. It should not cost much to add it to your policy.

What is the right amount of cover for dog grooming insurance.

Buy as much dog grooming insurance as necessary for your business. The size of your venture, its operations, the clients you have and the equipment which you use are all factors that you should take into account when deciding on the right amount of coverage. If you have a fairly small business with basic equipment and with a limited number of customers, you can readily purchase less insurance in order to save. After all, there is no point in paying for something which you will not use. As your venture grows, you can readily buy additional coverage.

Compare different dog grooming insurance policies so that you can choose the one which matches your comprehensiveness, flexibility and price criteria. In general, the more benefit and the more coverage you get the better.

It is essential to scrutinize the price of each dog grooming insurance plan carefully. You should have a precise idea about the premium. You have to ensure that no extra charges will be applied to your policy later on. Check to see if you can get a discount for purchasing the product online or for having another type of policy with the respective insurer.

Check how much you will have to pay in the form of excess fees. Usually, there is an excess fee for each type of cover benefit. You will have to pay it when you make a claim. Make sure that you can afford to pay the excess. Keep in mind that you can increase it in order to lower the premium and save.

When your business grows so much that you need to hire additional workers, you should purchase cover benefits that will protect you as an employer. Employer's liability insurance may be added to dog grooming insurance in some cases, but many companies will sell it separately. You should consider getting professional indemnity insurance as well.