Dog insurance for Pre-existing Conditions

Understanding pre-existing condition insurance for dogs

The one question that is constantly asked is whether there is dog insurance for pre-existing conditions. This is because of the fact that many pet insurance companies will claim that the ailment the dog is suffering from is a pre existing condition. This will mean that the insurance company will not reimburse or issue payments. This can be very frustrating since you will have already paid for the costly medical bills for your pet. To discover latter on that the insurance company will not pay for the cost of the treatment can leave you in a precarious financial position. The first thing that needs to be understood is the way in which insurance for the pet works. Some pet owners might believe that pet insurance and human insurance have the same underlying meaning. Pet insurance however is defined more as property insurance. The reimbursement comes after the pet has received the medical care that it needs.

The owner submits a claim to the insurance company where the company access if all the conditions were met. These Conditions include deductions, exclusions and other terms that the policy holds. After the assessment, the reimbursement is either given or rejected. This is where the pre-existing condition rule comes into play. The definition of pre-existing conditions is an illness or injury that happened prior to the policy being taken. Certain insurance companies will allow for the inclusion of these conditions under certain rules. The condition must first be cured and the dog has to complete a probation period without showing symptoms of the injury or disease. Other companies will flat out refuse to cover any pre existing condition. Some of these conditions are termed simply as uninsurable. This however does not mean that the company will not cover your dog from other illness. The company will offer to insure the dog on all other future illness and injuries. It means that for medication of the pre-existing illness or injuries, you will have to pay from your own pocket. Understanding the pre-existing conditions of your pet is important so that you do not get a rude shock when the company refuses to pay for the cost of treatment.

Learn the rules of dog insurance for pre-existing conditions.

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The contract that you have with the pet insurance company should be studied carefully. This is to ensure that all the rules and conditions are understood. When it comes to dog insurance for pre-existing conditions, many companies have strict rules. There are some important questions that need to be asked by you, the dog pet owner. There are two different types of pet insurance. One is non-lifetime and the other lifetime insurance cover. For the first one it usually covers one year. After the period has expired, the company will not insure the dog any more. The question that you need to ask is whether the company will consider ailments from last year as pre-exiting conditions. This important question will enlighten you on what the company policies are in regards to dog insurance for pre-existing conditions. The response that you get form the company, will allow you to know if the non-lifetime cover is really what you want. Some companies will term the condition as pre-existing while others will not take this standpoint. The latter is the company that you are recommended to use to get insurance cover for your dog. Other important questions that relate to the various elements of the insurance cover should be asked. Questions like how the company calculates the reimbursement amount, and the various limitations and allowable deductions that can be made should be asked. The More information that you can get from the pet insurance company, the better off you, and your pet will be in the future.

Facts about dog insurance for pre-existing conditions

You should not have a negative view of the insurance companies when the issue of pre existing conditions is raised. The insurance companies want you to be honest and forth coming in your dealings with them. The insurance company came up with the pre-existing condition rule to deter fraudulent claims by unsavory individuals. Yes, some people will run to the insurance company knowing all the various ailments that their pet is suffering. In some cases, there is a dispute between the insurance company and the pet owner when the pet owner does not deem the aliment as being pre-existing. The insurance company on the other hand view that the claim is not applicable since the dog already had the injury or illness before insurance was taken out. The company will go to the dogs vet and ask when the condition first started. They will then base their decision and calculation on the date that they have been given. The pet owner may mot even have been aware of the existence of the illness before they took out the policy. These are just some of the issues that surround pre existing conditions of pets. The bottom line is this; pre existing conditions are not covered by most, if not all the insurance companies. The insurance companies have their own method of calculating whether the illness or injury was per existing. Finally there is no money to be given for any costs incurred by the dog owner if the insurance company deems the condition pre existing. These are the cold facts of dog insurance for pre-existing conditions.