Dog Insurance Policy Benefits - Dog Insurance Benefits Explained

Dog Insurance Policy Benefits

Often, people compare the care they provide to their pets to the care usually provided to young children. Having various dog insurance policy benefits at hand will make things much easier and much cheaper for you. Policies have become much more comprehensive and detailed now. The insurers can cover your pet and you respectively for virtually anything that you can think of. Discover the most common types of cover benefits and how they work to determine which ones will be most beneficial for your pooch and for you.

Vet's Fees

This is one of the primary dog insurance policy benefits. It is present in every standard plan. This type of benefit covers all costs associated with the treatment of illnesses and injuries your pet may have. There are notable exclusions, however.

The typical policy will not cover existing medical conditions which your dog may have. In some cases, this applies to hereditary conditions as well. Usually, any illnesses or injuries that your pet suffers from during the first 14 days of the policy will not be covered either. Cosmetic and preventive treatments such as vaccinations are excluded. The costs associated with spaying, castration and giving birth are paid by the owner as well.

The different plans have different limitations to the vet's fees dog insurance policy benefits. If you go for a per-condition plan, there will be limits to the maximum amount of coverage which you can claim for each condition. With time-limited plans, there is a per-condition cap and a time cap. There may be a fixed amount of coverage for the limited period which is equally divided between the claims which you make. For instance, if the total coverage is for £5,000 and you make two claims, the limit per claim will be £2,500. If you go for lifetime cover policy, there will be a set amount of vet's fees cover benefit per year. You can make as many claims on as many conditions as necessary up to this set annual limit.

Third Party Liability

This is another one of the standard dog insurance policy benefits. It is also known as public liability cover benefit. It is designed to cover costs, which you may have to pay, if your pet causes an injury to a person or damage their property.

If the person makes a claim for compensation to a court and your pet is found to be guilty for the accident, you will have to pay the asked compensation amount. When you have a cover, the insurer will pay it. The obvious exclusions to this benefit are claims made by family members or people who live and/or work with you.

The amount of third party liability cover is typically over £1 million. It may reach as much as £2.5 million. The excess is usually between £100 and £250.

Boarding Fees

This one of the dog insurance policy benefits designed to cover your pet's kennel boarding costs in case you have to stay in hospital. Typically, you will be able to make a claim if you have to stay for treatment for more than 3 days. The kennel boarding cost will be paid up to the maximum amount on your policy. You will have to pay the excess fee charged by the insurer for making a claim yourself. Sometimes, the boarding costs will be covered by the company even if your pet stays with a friend and not in a kennel. You will have to check whether this is possible with your policy.

Holiday Cancellation

If your pet falls ill and you have to remain home or return from your holiday, you will get compensated. Keep in mind that you will be reimbursed only in the case of a medical emergency which requires serious treatment. You will be able to obtain compensation up to the set amount of cover on your policy.

Advertising and Reward

One of the effective methods for searching for your lost pet is to place ads with its picture and request information and assistance from the general public. You may also want to provide a reward to the person who finds it. This one of the dog insurance policy benefits will help you pay for both the ads and the reward.

Theft and Straying

If your pet is stolen or goes missing and cannot be found, you can get compensated if you have this one of the dog insurance policy benefits. There is a maximum amount of cover set by the insurer. Usually, they will pay to you the price which you originally paid for your dog or the current market price for the breed. It depends on which one of the two is lower.


This is one of the dog insurance policy benefits that will provide compensation to you in case your pet dies due to an illness or injury. The exclusions are conditions incurred before the policy was introduced and ones the pet suffered from during the first 14 days after the policy had been purchased. Just like with the theft and straying benefit, you will receive compensation equal to the price which you originally paid for the dog or equal to the current market price for the breed.

Other less common dog insurance policy benefits include transport cost, personal accident and burglar reward.