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Direct line Logo Direct LineDog Insurance Dog up to25% up to£6,000 tick tick from£80 varies viewGO
12 months' pet insurance for the price of 9. Introductory offer applies to the first 12 months' premium. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
john lewis insurance logo John LewisDog Insurance Dog up to10% up to£10,000 tick tick from£75 unlimited viewGO
Vets Medi Cover logo VetsMediCoverDog Insurance Dog up toNA up to£10,000 tick tick £80 unlimited viewGO
One Pet, One Price - no quotation necessary! Included is: Only £80 excess, Lifelong cover, Complementary therapy, Cover for dental treatment, £1 million third party liability.
Argos insurance logo ArgosDog Insurance Dog up to10% up to£7,000 tick tick from£65 varies viewGO
homebase insurance logo HomeBaseDog Insurance Dog up to10% up to£7,500 tick tick from£75 varies viewGO
animal friends logo Animal FriendsDog Insurance Dog up to0% up to£6,000 tick tick from£69 varies viewGO
Animal Friends is the ethical pet insurance specialists; we donate a large amount of our profits to Animal Welfare charities and have done for over a decade.-------------------------
debenhams insurance logo DebenhamsDog Insurance Dog up to0% up to£7,000 tick tick from£75 unlimited viewGO
churchill logo ChurchillDog Insurance Dog up to20% up to£3,000 tick tick from£65 months12 viewGO
Up to £1,000 for advertising or reward if your pet is lost or stolen.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E&L insurance logo E & LDog Insurance Dog up to25% up to£6,000 tick tick from£65 months12 viewGO
cooperative insurance logo The Co-operativeDog Insurance Dog up to25% up to£5,000 tick tick from£75 varies viewGO

Compare Pet Dog Insurance Online

How to Get The Best and Cheapest Dog Insurance Policy

Are you looking for the best deals on dog insurance? Before you sign on the dotted line you will need to do a bit of homework to compare dog insurance from one company to another.

Below is a list which you might find helpful before purchasing Insurance for your pooch.

  1. Check with the insurance companies that cover dogs with a pre-existing illness’s
  2. Do I need to cover against vaccinations to preventative flea and heartworm?
  3. Where do I live? You might need to consider covering against accidents if you live next to a main road!
  4. Will the most basic insurance cover do?
  5. Can I cover my pedigree dog even though it has hereditary conditions?
  6. Do I want a low excess?
  7. If my dog is stolen do I want the insurance company to cover the cost of advertising and a reward?
  8. Do I need ‘life-time’ cover for my dog? This type of policy will cover diabetes or arthritis for example – for the duration of the illness (more than the first 12 months) as conditions such as these can take years to treat. However ASK the insurance company how long the lifetime policy will last as they may not continue coving an older pet!
  9. Do I need third party insurance? In 1996 the House of Lords made a ruling that extended the circumstances in which a pet owner may be liable to third parties for the acts of his/her pet.

There are many more types of cover to look at, so In order to find a comprehensive dog insurance policy you will need to compare dog insurance through a comparison site. This will help you to find the best and most suitable dog insurance. These dog comparison sites can be used to search the entire market as well as secure the most competitive deal.

These days many dog owners take out cheap dog insurance in order to cover the excess on their vet bills. The higher the excess an owner pays the lower the premiums. For instance, Pet Plan will start at around £200 for a dog insurance policy. One can easily ascertain just how important it is to have a dog insurance policy like this, if a dog owner received a vet bill amounting to thousands of pounds how would they cope with the financial ramifications? Dog insurance comparison is available from many of the major insurance companies and you need to know how to find the best policy for your dog(s). Do not choose the first policy you come across as there are several price comparison websites you should definately visit. It’s so easy to search a website for dog insurance in much the same way you would when insuring your house or household goods. These websites help owners to make the most informed decision for their dog insurance.

Pet Dog Insurance Criteria

One of the most important things to do is speak to your vet about your dog(s) health, they should be able to advise on the best kind of dog insurance for your pet. Some surgeries may even recommend a company you could use. However, it is probably worth doing you own research as policies change quite frequently. Selecting your insurance company online through a comparison site, to compare dog insurance, will be the quickest method.

Your dog insurance should cover your animal against illness and injury. There are usually many variations when it comes to dog insurance. Some insurance companies have a limit on expenditure of veterinary visits so make sure you know what these limits are! We believe that an owner should check the insurance policy year on year to make sure their dog(s) have adequate coverage, just in case you want to change your policy or make special provisions for serious illness or accidents.

A fully comprehensive policy might be expensive at the outset but cheaper in the long run should your dog need it. There are many dog insurance policies that only cover the animal for a year which could present problems should your dog be diagnosed with a long term illness. Without the right policy an owner would have to pay for all the additional medications as well as frequent visits to the vet. These costs could run into hundreds even thousands of pounds in some extreme cases so don’t be caught out.

Dog Insurance Comparison

It’s very easy to compare dog insurance on-line. You can get up to eight insurance quotes from the major pet insurance companies such as Virgin, MoreThan / MoreTh>n, ASDA, Sainsbury free online and even save up to 25% among other deals that you might find elsewhere. It is so important that you do your research as it will be time well spent.

In most cases all these additional dog insurance requirements make the premiums higher, so an owner needs to consider what is the most important factor(s) for their dog insurance? Many of the main insurance companies allow first time dog owners to insure their dog(s) up to a certain age which is around eight to ten years old. However it is very important to remember that once the dog reaches a ripe old age the premiums will go up significantly! So make sure you ASK the company about this before you sign on the dotted line…

When visiting a dog insurance comparison website one will note that most dog insurance policies do not pay for any routine check-ups, neutering, spaying, flea treatments or de-worming. In this case owners are required to pay a larger excess which prevents owners from making too many small claims for minor illnesses. However, by using a comparison site you will find companies that do provide for these ‘minor inconveniences’ and you will be able to select your excess in relation to the costs you think you may incur.

You may also want to consider opening up a savings account for excess medical dog care in case of an emergency. This is an alternative as opposed to a dog insurance policy. However, it is imperative that the owner makes sure that there is sufficient funding should the animal become seriously ill or have a serious accident. So, if you want to compare dog insurance, which we feel you must, a dog comparison website will assist you to determine the best route of maintaining your dog(s) health, which will make sure you don’t have to struggle to pay for vet bills should there be an unexpected illness or incident.