Gun Dog Insurance - What does it Cover and the Benefits

Gun Dog Insurance Explained

Hunting trips owe a great part of their charm to the presence and work of gun dogs. These smart, loyal and hard-working helpers deserve gun dog insurance which will allow owners to provide the best care to them. Unfortunately, all kinds of accidents can occur during hunting trips and you would want to make sure that you are covered for any adverse situation. Find out how this type of policy can help you with this.

Gun dog insurance Basics

Gun dog insurance is designed specifically for canines used in hunting. Your companion will be covered during all types of activities from wildfowling and stalking to hawking and ferreting. In most cases, the policy will be valid throughout the training process as well. It is worth noting that most companies set age limits to the plans which they offer. This is because younger animals are not active gun dogs while senior ones are at much higher risk of injuries and illnesses that insurers do not want to cover.

Standard pet insurance is usually not available for gun dogs. The insurer may refuse to cover your four-legged friend because the risk of injury associated with the hunting activities is much higher. Some companies allow owners of such canines to take advantage of their policies designed for pets. However, the amounts of cover available may not be sufficient for paying for veterinary expenses and for compensation due to loss, theft or death of the animal. That is why it is worth considering a specifically tailored plan. It should meet your main needs and requirements.

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Types of Gun Dog Insurance Cover Benefits

Vet fees cover is the main one present in virtually all policies available. It is designed to pay for all veterinary treatment costs. Most types of illnesses and injuries are covered. The insurer will pay for the treatment of an injury no matter whether the accident leading to it happened in your home or outdoors while you were on a shoot. Hospitalisation and dental treatments are covered as well. The typical exclusions from the cover benefit are preventive treatments and pre-existing injuries and illnesses.

You can choose from different types of vet fees cover available with gun dog insurance. The most common types are lifetime, per-condition and time-limited. Consider the flexibility and limitations of each option. Figure out how much you will have to pay in case your canine companion suffers a common hunting injury. This will help you decide on the amount of coverage to buy and on the comprehensiveness and flexibility of the policy.

Third party liability cover is also typically included in gun dog insurance. If your dog causes a bodily injury to an individual or damage to a person's property, you will be responsible for paying compensation. When you have this type of cover, the insurer will bear the larger portion of the cost. Usually, this type of cover is for over 1 million so you will certainly benefit from it in case of an accident.

Theft and straying cover is usually present in gun dog insurance plans as well. You will receive financial compensation in case your canine friend goes missing and cannot be found. The sum paid to the owner is usually equal to the dog's purchase price.

Permanent disability cover may be included as well. It entitles you to financial compensation in case your gun dog can no longer help you due to sickness or an injury. You may be compensated in case your dog is no longer able to have offspring as a result of an illness or an injury.

Various kinds of death benefits can be present in plans designed for gun dogs. There may be a separate benefit for death from an illness and for death from an injury. The idea is for the owner to receive greater financial protection given that they have invested a lot in their canine and its training.

Overseas travel benefit may be included optionally in a gun dog insurance policy. It will certainly be useful to owners making hunting trips to other countries and taking their canine helpers with them. The typical plan will have all of the above-mentioned covers plus quarantine fee and animal passport covers. Sometimes, companies will include only overseas emergency vet fees cover to the standard policy. If this is the case, you may need to purchase a separate overseas travel plan.

Paying for Gun Dog Insurance

Since this is specialised insurance, it will most certainly cost more compared to the typical pet insurance plans. While the excess fees typically do not differ compared to the ones paid by the average pet owners, the premiums can be considerably higher. This is because your canine helper is at much greater risk of injuries. Besides, when it is in contact with wild animals, it may get a serious disease.

The good news is that there are different ways in which to save on gun dog insurance. Shop around and compare deals from various insurers. Get only the cover benefits which you find necessary. Do not buy more cover than you will need to use. Consider lowering the premium which you will have to pay by increasing the excess. This option is often available. Ask for online purchase and multiple pet discounts.