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Horse Insurance Quotes Online

Why Compare Horse Insurance Policies?

You may be wondering why you need to collect and compare horse insurance quotes. The simple answer is to find the best possible deal for your needs and requirements. It will not take you much time and effort to make a comparison, but it will certainly pay off. You will save on horse insurance while getting all the benefits for you as an owner and for your horse.

Collect a number of horse insurance quotes.

Since you will be comparing different offers, you need to make sure that there will be something to compare. It is best for you to collect at least three horse insurance quotes. The more you can collect the better. It is usually recommended to collect around 10 to secure the best deal. Now you can easily collect quotes online. You can visit the web sites of different insurers or use the services of a general web site providing horse insurance quotes. Both types of services are free and you will get the offers to your email inbox within hours after requesting them.

Check your horse's eligibility for each policy.

Each insurance company has eligibility criteria that your horse has to meet in order to get insured. These usually have to do with age. Most companies set both lower and upper limits. These are usually 30 days and 15 years, even though some companies pose stricter limits, such as 60 days and 10 years. Still, even if your horse is older than 15, you can readily look for special veteran horse insurance. Such policies are available from a number of companies upon request. Pre existing conditions often do not affect eligibility, especially for lifetime insurance, but if your horse has any, you can expect to pay a higher premium.

Compare Horse Insurance

Compare likes with likes. Are the insurance policies comparable?

There are three main types of horse insurance quotes you can request. You can opt for a limited policy, a capped policy or a lifetime policy. In general, you can request horse insurance quotes of all three types, if you have not made up your mind in advance. You just need to make sure that you will compare the offers of each type separately. In this way, you will get an adequate idea about the level of cover and the prices, since lifetime policies are more expensive than limited ones and have a different mechanism of work.

Compare the types of coverage included in the different horse insurance quotes.

Not all policies contain all types of cover. It is important for you to find out what benefits you will get, so that you can decide whether they are worth the price asked for by the insurer. Policies may have vet fees coverage and mortality coverage, theft coverage, permanent loss of use coverage and public liability coverage. In some cases, you can buy personal injury cover and tack and trailer cover as separate riders with your horse insurance. However, many companies offer such packages separately. In general, you should study the types of coverage present in each policy in great detail before you can properly compare them.

Compare the amounts of each type of cover in each policy.

You can buy different amounts of cover with every policy. It is important for you to compare these amounts in the horse insurance quotes that you have collected. In this way, you will be able to decide whether the amount of coverage will be sufficient to compensate your vet bills, third party liability and/or your pet's loss, theft or death. Generally, it is best to buy as much coverage as you can afford and perhaps even slightly more, especially if your horse is more susceptible to illnesses and injuries. One important thing to keep in mind is that lifetime insurance offers amounts of coverage per year rather than per condition.

Horse Insurance Comparison

Compare the price of each policy against its benefits.

This is really simple to do and it will not take you much time, if you have studied each policy carefully. Basically, you have to decide whether each package is worth the money based on its own benefits.

Compare the prices and benefits of the different packages against one another.

This step will be easier to complete, if you have excluded some horse insurance quotes in the previous one. All you have to do is to decide which package offers the most benefits for the most affordable price. Remember that the cheapest package is often not the best one!

Check for available discounts with each policy.

It is important to do this after choosing a package based on its benefits. Even if it is slightly more expensive, any discounts, such as multiple horse and multiple policy discounts, which go with the package, may lower the price significantly.

Now you know how to compare horse insurance quotes. Use this guide fully to secure the best cover.