Instant Puppy Insurance Policy - Is Puppy Insurance Included when I Purchase My Dog?

Instant Puppy Insurance Policy

You are solely responsible for the wellbeing of your canine pet the moment you take it from the breeder. Having an instant puppy insurance policy in your pocket at this time will certainly give you the peace of mind. Learn how such a cover can be obtained and what benefits it offers. Find all of your questions answered in this guide.

What is an instant puppy insurance policy?

This type of policy is available exclusively for breeders from pet insurance companies. The breeder obtains the plan via their insurer and provides it to the new owner. Generally, it is up to the breeder to decide whether to obtain such a plan and whether to provide it to you when you purchase your new pet.

What are the eligibility criteria for this policy?

An instant puppy insurance policy will be issued only to a breeder that has been registered as such both with the authorities and with the respective insurer whose services they are using. The breeder has to request for such plans to be issued for all pups in the litter.

This type of policy is typically available for puppies from 6 weeks to 1 year of age. Sometimes, the lower limit can be 5 weeks. Sometimes it can be 8 weeks. It all depends on the policy issuer. The upper limit may be 3 months or 6 months. In general, this is of no great relevance to the new owner. It is the breeder's responsibility to consider the age limits and to get the policy.

How long is the policy valid for?

The instant puppy insurance policy is not standard and this means that you should not expect the typical validity period of 12 months which usually comes with the basic time-limited plans. Since the cover is provided via the breeder, it is fairly short. In most cases, the validity period is from 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes, it can be as long as 8 weeks, but this is rare.

The validity period is short because the instant puppy insurance is designed to help you settle in with your new pet. It is your responsibility as an owner to purchase a standard plan so that you can have vet fees covered in the future. Do not get too relaxed with the temporary plan. Start shopping around for a policy as soon as you take your new dog home. Compare as many dog insurance policies as possible and pick the best one.

What does the typical instant puppy insurance policy cover?

Veterinary fees are covered. Usually, there is a set amount of vet fees coverage which you are entitled to during the period of the policy. There are no coverage amount limits per condition. You are allowed to make only a single claim per condition. This is the general case, however. The different insurers may set different rules.

Theft and straying cover is usually present in an instant puppy insurance policy. You will get compensated in case you lose your dog due to theft or straying. If your pet goes missing, you can make a claim on the advertising and rewards cover, which is usually included in instant plans for puppies. You can use the money for spreading the news that your pet has gone missing and requesting information and assistance from the general public. You can offer a reward to the person who finds your dog.

A death benefit is typically part of such policies as well. No one can compensate you for the emotional damage you will suffer, but you can retrieve the money which you have spent on your pet.

Third party liability cover, boarding cover and holiday cancellation cover may not be included in the instant puppy insurance policy which you receive. In general, you should go over the policy certificate as soon as you obtain it from the breeder and find out which things you and your pet are covered for exactly. This will certainly save you a lot of hassle in case you have to make a claim.

How much does such a policy cost?

In most cases, an instant puppy dog insurance policy is provided free to the breeder. Hence, you will obtain it for free as well. There are a number of reasons for the lack of charges. Firstly, the insurer wants to attract more breeders who generally tend to pay more for insurance. They want to draw new dog owners as well. If you receive a free plan and you are happy with it and the customer service that comes with it, you will most likely purchase a standard pet insurance policy from this company as well.

Overall, it will be a great bonus to receive instant puppy insurance policy when you buy your new dog. You will have your pet covered for the most common bad things which can happen to it. You will be more relaxed and provide the best possible care to your pet without worrying about anything. However, not all breeders offer such type of policy. If you insist on getting one with your pup, you should ask the breeder whether they provide it in advance. In case such a plan is not available, you should find a suitable one and insure your new pet as soon as possible.