Insurance for Dog Trainers Explained

Understanding Dog Trainers Insurance

There is some important information about Insurance for dog trainers that you need to be aware of. This information will help to ease all the anxiety towards entrusting the dog trainer with your pet. The Insurance for dog trainers covers the dog trainer who is liable for injuries of employees working under their direct orders. If the employees should happen to be injured then they have a legitimate claim to pursue. The cover also protects third party property that can be damaged or injured in the wake of an incident that the dog trainer is legally responsible. If the dog entrusted to the trainer after or during seventy-two hours from departure of the dog trainer’s care becomes ill, the dog trainer is liable. No cover is given to pre existing conditions that the dog suffered before entering the care of the trainer. All the veterinarian cost that will be incurred will be paid by the dog trainer if they are liable and all conditions are met and satisfied. In the extreme case that the dog should die in the care of the trainer, then the liability falls on the dog trainer. They have to pay the owner of the dog the market share value of the deceased dog. The limitation here is if the vet describes the death as being of natural causes. Here the dog trainer will not be liable.

Dog clubs and society’s are only liable if the dog was doing club business at the unfortunate time of demise. Now if the dog trainer should happen to loose the dog they will also become liable. They will have to fork up the market value of the lost pet as shown on the schedule of insurance. The dog trainer is also liable to pay for the advertisement of the search rescue for the lost dog or pet that was in their care. The maximum amount here is three hundred and fifty pounds although legislation changes from state to state. The point however remains the same, i.e. if the trainer is liable then the trainer must pay.

Animals in transit insurance cover helps to protect the pets that are being transported by the dog trainer. If injury or any other harm comes to them due to the trainer activities, then he or she is liable. Negligence is yet another area that is covered by the trainer insurance policy. Here the trainer is liable if they mistreat or mishandle the pets in their care. Maximum benefits from this kind of situation can be up to ten thousand pounds depending on the cover, legislation and other circumstances. These are just some of the situations that are covered by the trainer insurance policies. Information on the details of the policy can be found easily on the internet or from the insurance company that provides the cover. The dog owner should try to be aware of the various situations where the dog trainer will be liable, for their own equanimity.

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Insurance for dog trainers is necessary

Insurance for dog trainers is necessary for anyone involved in the dog training industry. In fact, many professional associations insist on Dog trainers have the correct insurance cover. This is because there is the chance of various incidents happening while training of the dog is ongoing. The trainer might be injured, the employee under the trainer might be injured, the dog might be injured, and even a third party might face damage or injury. All these are possible scenarios that can happen. In fact, if one is heavily involved in training of dogs, these are scenarios that will happen sooner or latter. It is better to be protected than to regret latter on why insurance cover was not sought. Dog owners will shy away from trainers who do not have good insurance cover. The first question on the lips of any dog owner should be does the dog trainer have insurance cover. If the answer is no, walk out the door, walk don the street, and look for a trainer who has insurance cover.

Peace of mind with Insurance for dog trainers

The dog owner stands to get piece of mind if they are sure that the trainer they have given their dog to is insured. They will be able to claim compensation for injury, loss, or death of their pet under the care of the trainer, if the trainer is liable. In addition, the fact that the trainer has taken steps to ensure that they are covered is a comforting thought to the dog owner. They tend to feel that the trainer is serious about his or her business, and is interested in protection of the pet. They feel that the services of the trainer are professional in manner thus the dog owner has really nothing to fear. It is important to never entrust your faithful companion to someone how claims to be trainer, yet does not have insurance cover. Accidents can happen and the unpredictable nature of the dog can lead to injuries and damages that were unforeseen. Insurance protection is necessary for anyone who is working with dogs. Whether they are simply teaching obedience or heavily training the dogs, the trainer should be covered by a reputable pet insurance company. Insurance for dog trainers is something that can help in settling down nerves between the dog owner and the dog trainer.