Kitten Insurance - Why Do I Need Kitten Insurance?

Kitten Insurance

Why Do I Need Kitten Insurance?

Small kittens are so tiny and seem so fragile. You would do anything to protect them and one of the best ways is to take out kitten insurance. It will help you provide for the wellbeing of your pet without having to empty your savings account. It is important not to make a decision on purchasing a policy on an impulse, however. Consider all the benefits which you and your pet will enjoy and learn more about the main types of plans available. This will help you make the best choice.

Paying Vet Bills

The main purpose of kitten insurance is to help you pay for any veterinary treatment which your pet may require due to an illness or an injury. Cats are playful, inquisitive and secretive creatures so it is fairly easy for them to suffer an injury or to eat something bad and get food poisoning. The cost of treating a common injury resulting from an accident can reach 1,500 pounds and even more. If your pet is insured, the company will pay the entire cost of the treatment minus the excess fee charged. Your pet will receive the best treatment and you will not have to worry about paying it out of your pocket.

Kitten insurance is designed to take care of all costs associated with the treatment of your pet. The typical policy covers surgical and orthopaedic treatments, dental treatments and even complementary therapies such as physical therapy. If your kitten has to stay at the vet's or at an animal hospital, the insurer will pay for this as well.

Hereditary and chronic conditions are covered by most kitten insurance plans. This means that if your pet is suffering from heart murmur or from diabetes and requires long-term treatment the cost will be almost entirely transferred to the insurer. It is true that young cats usually do not have these problems, but if your pet remains covered, you will be prepared for anything that may happen to it.

Various Cover Levels

There are kitten insurance plans to match virtually any requirements and budget. You can choose the policy that is most useful and most affordable to you. Take a look at the main levels of cover available so that you can figure out which one will be most suitable for your pet and for you.

Lifetime kitten insurance or actually cat insurance is designed to cover your pet on a continuous basis. You will be entitled to an annual amount of cover. You can make as many claims per condition as necessary provided that the total claimed amount does not exceed the yearly limit. This is the most flexible and most comprehensive level of cover. It costs the most as well. You will enjoy maximum benefit if you go for it.

Per-condition kitten insurance has set maximum amounts of cover for each and every condition. Usually, the maximum is the same for all conditions. You will be able to make a single claim per condition. For instance, if your cat suffers two different types of gastrointestinal infections, the insurer will not pay for the second one. This level of cover is not as flexible as its counterpart. Besides, the maximum amount of cover may not be sufficient for treating the respective condition. Still, it is useful for owners of young and healthy pets who are less likely to suffer from chronic and incurable conditions.

Time-limited kitten insurance works in the same way as the per-condition level of cover. The only difference is that there is a time limit as well. Basically, the insurer will stop making payments on a claim when this limit is reached even if the maximum amount of cover for the respective condition has not been reached. This is the least flexible, but cheapest level of cover available.

Extra Cover Benefits

Various kinds of cover benefits can be added to kitten insurance. The boarding fees cover will pay for your pet's cattery stay if you have to remain in hospital and cannot care for it. If you have holiday cancellation cover on your policy, you will get compensated for cancelling your vacation due to your pet being sick and requiring care. With the advertising and reward cover, you will be able to cover all expenses associated with searching for your pet if it goes missing.

You will be able to receive compensation if your pet gets stolen or lost provided that you have a theft and straying cover benefit. Under the death cover benefit, you are entitled to obtaining compensation for your pet's death due to an accident or illness. These cover benefits are particularly important for owners of highly valuable cats.

Saving on Kitten Insurance

Kitten insurance will not only help you save money on vet bills, kennel fees and advertising and reward costs. Most policies come with a variety of discounts and other saving options. You can readily get as much as 20 per cent off the price of the policy just for purchasing it online. There are discounts for those individuals insuring more than one pet and for those who are existing customers of the respective company.

With kitten insurance, you will ensure the wellbeing of your precious feline pet and save a lot of money at the same time. Compare quotes and take out a policy as soon as possible.