Low Cost Cat Insurance - How to Insure Your Cat for Less

Low Cost Cat Insurance

How to Insure Your Cat for Less

With vet bills increasing by around 20 per cent every year, cover for feline pets is becoming more and more expensive as well. The good news is that low cost cat insurance is readily available. There are many different ways in which you can save. Consider all of the available methods and use the ones that you find most effective and beneficial.

Shop around for low cost cat insurance. The best way to find an affordable policy is to request and compare quotes from as many companies as possible. This is easily done on the web nowadays. The quote request services are absolutely free of charge and produce results in minutes. Once you have a number of quotes at hand, you just have to compare the policies the different companies offer and their cost.

You will be able to choose a policy that gives you maximum value for the price that you can afford to pay. You will save and you will have the peace of mind that your beloved cat is covered for anything bad that can possibly happen to it.

What sort of Cat Insurance Policy to go for?

Go for a policy with limits per condition and time limits. The so called time-limited plans are the least expensive of all. With them, you really get low cost cat insurance. Before going for this option, however, you have to be perfectly well aware of its limitations and they should be acceptable to you.

With a time-limited policy, you get a maximum amount of cover per condition and a maximum period during which you are allowed to receive compensation after making a claim. You can make one claim per condition. The insurer will pay for the treatment of your pet up to the cover amount limit or up to the set time limit, depending on which one is reached first.

Buy smaller amount of vet fees cover. This method for saving can be used to make any policy low cost cat insurance policy. You can buy as little as you deem necessary no matter whether you choose a per-condition, time-limited or lifetime plan. Just make sure that the maximum amount of cover will be sufficient for paying for the treatment which your pet may require.

Do not include extra covers in your policy. This is perhaps the most effective method for getting low cost cat insurance without sacrificing the comprehensiveness and/or flexibility of the vet fees cover, which is the major one in every plan.

How to Lower your Cat Insurance Premium?

Most companies offer a wide range of additional covers. The main ones are boarding fees, holiday cancellation, advertising and reward, theft and straying, and death cover. Public liability cover and overseas pet travel insurance cover are often available optionally as well. You are not required to get any of these benefits so you can readily save on them. Still, it should be pointed out that they cost fairly little and can be really useful in emergencies.

Lower the policy premium by raising the excess. This is one of the most widely used methods for getting low cost cat insurance. Most companies readily give you the opportunity to use it. It is up to you to decide by how much to lower the premium in order to save. It is important not to raise the excess too much. You have to be able to pay this fee out of your pocket in case of an emergency,Otherwise, the claimed amount of money on your policy will not be paid by the insurer.

How to get Cat Insurance Discounts on line?

Get a discount in order to enjoy using low cost cat insurance. This method for saving does not involve making any compromises with the comprehensiveness, flexibility and cost of the policy. You simply get to pay less for all the benefits that you get with your policy. It is worth looking at the different types of discounts that you can take advantage of.

Online purchase discounts are widely available. You can readily take advantage of such a discount just by buying your policy over the internet. Usually, you can save between 5 and 20 per cent of the price of the policy.

Multi pet insurance discounts are offered by literally every company. You can save from 5 to 25 per cent on each policy that you buy if you have more than one pet. It does not matter whether you have two or more felines, a cat and a dog or a kitty plus a bunch of rabbits.

Loyal customer discount is designed for feline pet owners who already have another type of policy with the same company. This type of discount will certainly give you low cost cat insurance. It can save you up to 15 per cent of the price of the policy.

Discounts can really give you low cost cat insurance without making any compromises on the policy or its cost. However, it is important to consider their limitations as well. Typically, you get a one-time discount which is applied only to the first annual premium which you have to pay. If you go for a lifetime policy, for instance, you will pay less only the first year. From then on, you will have to pay the full size of the premium as stated on your policy certificate.