Multi Dog Insurance

Multi Dog Insurance Explained

Having more than one pooch at home doubles your responsibilities and pet costs. However, it can actually help you save, if you buy multi dog insurance. This type of option is generally a must for owners of more than one canine. You just need to know how it works so that you can be more effective when comparing quotes from different companies.

How does multi dog insurance work?

In general, each animal has to have its own pet insurance policy. This is applicable irrespective of whether you have two, three or more dogs. However, if you own more than one pet, you will be able to get all the policies in a package. This package is referred to as multi dog insurance.

It is natural to ask what the benefits and advantages of going for this package are. With multi pet dog insurance you will receive discount on each of the policies that you buy. Usually, the size of the discount is the same for all plans within a package. It is applied only to the premium and not to the excess.

Some insurance companies make it possible to add new pets to an existing plan and save. Again, each new dog will get its own policy certificate. The premium on this policy will be automatically discounted at the rate set by the company. Basically, the single-pet policy which you have will be extended to multi dog insurance.

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Why can't I insure all of my dogs under the same policy?

Each dog is different and the insurer will determine the premium based on its breed, age and general health. That is why two or more pets cannot be covered under the same policy. Additionally, the terms and conditions of combined policies and the processing of claims made on them would be very complex. Insurers do not want to invest more time, effort and money. This would just make such insurance products quite expensive and possibly inconvenient for the pet owners to use.

What does multi dog insurance typically cover?

There are various products tailored for the needs of customers. You can buy a basic policy which includes only vet fees cover and third party liability cover. There are also plans that will pay only veterinary fees and a death benefit in case your pooch dies due to an accident.

Additional benefits can be included to multi dog insurance plans as well. You can have boarding fees cover added to have the insurer pay for your pet's stay in a kennel if you have to stay in hospital. You can go for advertising and rewards cover which will help financially to you use these methods to find your missing pet.

Theft and straying benefit is available as part of many multi dog insurance packages. Adding a holiday cancellation cover will allow you to get compensation in case you have to cancel your trip