Overseas Travel Insurance for Cats - What Is Overseas Cat Insurance?

Overseas Travel Insurance for Cats

What Is Overseas Cat Insurance?

Your furry friend can accompany you on your trips abroad thanks to the Pet Travel Scheme which has removed quarantine for UK pets. Overseas travel insurance for cats will make things even easier for you when going abroad with your beloved kitty. You will have the peace of mind that every emergency is covered for in the best possible way. It is worth learning more about this type of insurance so that you can make the best decisions as a buyer.

What does overseas cat travel insurance cover?

Vet fees are covered by all policies of this type sold on the market. If your pet gets sick or injured during your trip abroad, the insurer will pay for the treatment up to the amount of cover available with your policy. Usually, all kinds of treatments are included. Similarly, the insurer will cover the treatment of any kind of illness or injury, provided that it is not a pre-existing one.

Quarantine fees cover is also included in cat travel insurance as well. Even if you have taken all the necessary measures for crossing boarders without having to leave your feline pet in quarantine, anything may happen. Your cat may be kept in quarantine due to loss of passport or due to microchip failure. In such cases, the insurer will pay for your pet's stay in quarantine.

Loss of passport cover is present in virtually all overseas cat insurance policies. The insurer will pay for the issuing of a duplicate passport in case the original one is lost or stolen. Some companies will cover the replacement of any of your cat's travel documents and not only the passport. You need to check whether this is the case with the policy that you purchase by reading its exact wording.

Repatriation cover may also be available as part of your cats insurance policy. It is designed to cover expenses associated with the transportation of your pet back to the UK if it is sick or injured. The insurer will pay for the repatriation of the animal's remains, if it dies abroad.

Holiday cancellation cover benefit is present in most policies. You will receive compensation for cancelling your trip if your pet gets ill or injured or dies before or during the vacation. You will have to check the period before the start of the holiday during which you will be covered for cancellation.

Accommodation cover may be available with your cat insurance when travelling abroad. It works in exactly the opposite way as the holiday cancellation cover. If you have to stay abroad due to your pet's illness or injury or due to quarantine or loss of passport, the insurer will pay for your accommodation.

Third party liability cover is also typically sold as part of such policies. If your pet is found responsible for an accident which has led to bodily injury or property damage and the affected third parties require compensation, the insurer will pay it instead of you.

Theft and straying and death covers are available as part of overseas cat travel insurance policy. You will receive compensation in case your pet is stolen or lost or in case it dies during the trip abroad. Some companies may also offer advertising and reward cover to pay for using these methods to retrieve your missing pet.

Are there different levels of cat travel insurance when going overseas?

The most common level of cover offered is the single trip type. The policy is valid for the duration of the trip. There are fixed maximum limits for each type of cover. Usually, you will be able to make as many claims on the vet fees cover as necessary up to the limit, but you will have to check specifically with your insurer.

There are annual cat insurance policies when travelling overseas. These insurance plans are designed for travellers who travel abroad with their pets frequently. There are annual cover limits with these plans. Most companies do not set additional limits per trip. Typically, you will be able to make a single claim per cover pet trip. This is how annual policies work in most cases. However, each insurer can set their own terms and conditions so it is essential for you to go over them before buying an annual policy.

How much does overseas travel cat insurance cost?

The premium is usually determined on an individual basis. The insurer will consider your pet's age and illness and injury risk. They will base the premium on the country which you plan to visit. This is because some countries have stricter quarantine rules while others are riskier. There are also countries in which veterinary treatments are quite expensive. The excess may be fixed based on these factors as well.

In general, the policy for a cat travelling overseas should not be expensive. Check whether you can save by claiming a discount. You may also be able to lower the premium by raising the excess.

You can buy an overseas cat travel insurance policy either as a separate policy or as an additional option to your existing pet insurance plan. If you go for the first option, you will be able to shop around and compare quotes. If you go for the latter, you may be eligible for a discount.