Puppy Dog Insurance - A detailed look at Puppy Insurance

Puppy Dog Insurance - Why Do I Need Puppy Dog Insurance?

Nothing can compare to the joy of bringing a new puppy home. Amidst all the excitement, you need to consider the practical aspects of having a pet. Puppy dog insurance can help you pay the vet fees of your new best friend without bearing the entire financial burden. These insurance products offer great flexibility and a wide range of pricing options. You would certainly like to consider the benefits of having such a policy.

Vet Fees Coverage

Puppy dog insurance will cover the vet fees of your new pet. You have to admit the fact that young pups are just like small children. They are strong, agile and playful, but they are still prone to many illnesses and accidents. In fact, the young canines are at fairly high risk of stomach problems and urinary tract infections. They may become victims of viral infections as well. They are susceptible to skin conditions and ringworm in particular. Besides, the youngsters want to explore the world around them so they can easily swallow a tiny hard object which accidently fell from your working table at home. Most of these conditions are fairly simple to treat, but the fees your vet charges can be considerable.

It has been found that owners take their puppies to the vet around 8 times during their first year. If you take a look at the pricing at your local vet clinic, you will automatically be convinced of the advantages of owning puppy dog insurance. It can help you cover the cost of any kind of treatment and provide financial support in case your pet is lost or stolen and a search is needed.

Flexible Plans

The way in which puppy dog insurance works is very simple. You can choose from three main types. The most popular one with the owners of your pets is the time-limited cover. A typical policy lasts for 12 months and has a set amount of coverage for each condition and injury. Usually, this amount is the same for all illnesses and injuries. You can make only one claim per condition. The insurer will continue to pay for your pet's treatment for 12 months after the first claim is made or until the limit of the coverage is reached. The per-condition policies are similar. The difference is that they have only per-condition caps. There are no time caps.

The lifetime plans have no per-condition caps or time caps. There is a set maximum amount of coverage pet year. You can make any number of claims and claim any sum for paying vet bills up to the annual limit. This type of cover is more comprehensive and therefore more expensive. It is recommended to owners of pups that are at higher risk of chronic illnesses and injuries which may require long-term treatment.

Additional Benefits

The typical puppy dog insurance offers plenty of other benefits apart from covering vet fees. As highlighted earlier, there are theft and straying benefits plus advertising and reward benefits. These can be quite useful for retrieving your pet in case it goes missing. Standard packages include boarding fees cover and holiday cancellation cover. The first can be used for the paying of kennel fees in case you are unable to take care of your pooch due to illness. You will receive compensation if you have to cancel your vacation because your pet has fallen ill via the cancellation cover.

Perhaps the most valuable of all benefits after the vet fee cover is the third party liability cover. It is designed to compensate any third parties that suffer a physical injury or incur property damage due to the actions of your pet. It is true that your youngster will not hurt anyone, but it can be quite mischievous and break a neighbour's porcelain flower pot or chew on a guest's designer shoes. The dog insurance will pay for the damage caused.


One of the major benefits to many owners is that the puppy dog cover can be fairly cheap pet insurance. The time-limited plans in particular are quite affordable. You will have to pay no more than a few pounds in the form of premium per month. Besides, there are plenty of products available on the market so you can readily pick one that satisfies your criteria in terms of comprehensiveness and price.

Carry out puppy dog insurance comparison in order to find the plan that is ideal for you. You will find a wide range of products to pick from. Check the type of cover available with each different policy. Go over the other benefits to make sure that they are present. Check if any discounts are available. The reality is that insurers are trying to attract clients with all means possible so you should expect to find a range of discounts.