Specialist Dog Insurance Cover - Emigration and Insuring Your Dog

Specialist dog insurance

Moving overseas permanently or for a long period of time is a major step for most people and for their pets. A specialist dog insurance cover will help you ensure the wellbeing of your dog during the transfer. It is a fairly new type of cover, which has been introduced only recently, but it has gained considerable popularity. It can give you the peace of mind that your pooch will be safe and sound during the trip to your new home.

How does the specialist dog insurance cover work?

This type of cover is designed for individuals emigrating to foreign countries and their pets. It is valid during the transfer of the pet from the UK to the final destination overseas. It does not matter whether you will take your dog along with you or use the services of a pet export company that will deliver it to your new address abroad. One important thing to note is that most policies are valid one-way. If you decide to return to the UK with your pet, you will have to purchase a separate policy.

The specialist dog insurance cover is valid throughout the entire journey of the pet no matter how long it takes for the animal to arrive at the final destination. Some companies extend the period to include another 24, 36 or 48 hours after the arrival in the respective foreign country. This is a very beneficial extra to have as the local authorities may decide to keep your dog in quarantine. In general, you will have your pooch covered for a sufficiently long time before you arrange its documentation and buy insurance in the new country.

The typical specialist dog insurance cover offers standard benefits. Vet fees for emergency treatment will be covered up to a set amount. Third partly liability cover is also usually present. The insurer will pay for any injury or property damage caused by your dog during the transfer. Typically, there is a theft cover. You will get compensated in case your pet is stolen during the transfer. A death benefit is usually included as well.

One major item that sets the specialist pet insurance apart from all of its counterparts is the cover for unforeseen expenditure in transit. This cover can be quite useful in many cases. If the pet export company has introduced a change into their policy without announcing it in advance and, as a result, you are required to pay extra for the transportation of your dog, the insurer will cover the additional cost.

You can purchase an amount of specialist dog insurance cover that is most suitable for you. As a standard rule, the companies place upper limits to all types of benefits included in their policies. When buying a specific plan, you have to make sure that you are satisfied with the maximum amount of compensation you will be able to receive.

Are there exclusions to the specialist dog insurance cover?

The breed exclusions for this type of cover are standard. It is best to check the insurer's list before buying a policy, however. This is because the exclusion lists vary slightly from one company to another. In general, you can expect dogs such as Pit Bull Terriers not to be eligible for such a cover.

There are typically no country exclusions, air carrier or pet export company exclusions from specialist dog insurance cover plans. Most companies will issue a policy no matter whether you are moving to Germany, Egypt or Australia. Similarly, they should work with any air carrier or pet export service. Still, you may want to check specifically in advance just to be on the safe side.

Is specialist dog insurance cover expensive?

Typically, the premium for such types of covers is quite affordable. Some companies set a fixed price, but most determine the premium based on the pet's breed, age, size and general health. Other factors such as the distance to the destination the dog is travelling to and the type of transportation used for its exporting are also taken into account when the amount of the premium is set.

Excess is charged for every claim which you make. The excess fees tend to be similar to those charged with standard pet insurance policies in the UK. In some cases, the sum is fixed. In other cases, it is a percentage of the claimed amount or of the maximum amount of cover which you have purchased. You are highly recommended to check carefully the excess fees as well as the premium before buying such a cover.

Discounts for specialist dog insurance may be available. You may get a price reduction if you decide to use the services of a pet export company that the insurer is working with. If you hold other policies with the same company, you may receive a discount as well. You may be able to save if you take more than one pet abroad.

A specialist dog insurance cover is certainly worth buying, especially if the journey is long and you decide to entrust the transfer of your pooch with a pet export company. The premium will most likely be quite affordable. You just have to make sure that you will get what you pay for.