Third Party Liability Cat Insurance - Public Liability Insurance for Cats

Third Party Liability Cat Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for Cats

There are all sorts of costs associated with keeping a feline pet home. You will find having third party liability cat insurance handy, in case your cat accidently injures a person or causes damage to their property. You certainly have a lot of questions about this type of cover as it has gained popularity only recently. Find all the answers you need to make a decision on whether to purchase such insurance.

What does third party liability cat insurance cover?

This type of insurance is designed to protect you financially in case your pet causes bodily injury or property damage to a member of the public (a third party) and this person makes a claim for compensation. To get a better idea about the way in which this type of cover works, you should consider how the law in the UK protects an innocent party in the event of property damage or injury. As the owner of the cat, you are legally liable for its actions. Basically, you are responsible for everything that your pet does.

If your pet is found responsible for causing property damage and/or bodily injury and the court rules that you have to pay compensation to the party that has made a claim against you, you will have no choice but to pay the respective amount. If you have third party liability cat insurance, the issuer of the policy will cover the expense on your behalf. You save the entire amount minus the excess fee which is usually not particularly large.

It should be pointed out that all types of accidents are typically covered by third party liability cat insurance. It does not matter whether the injury or property damage is caused by your pet biting or scratching or by your pet passing by and pushing a person or an object. All kinds of injuries are covered. The issuer of the policy will pay compensation even in case the actions of your cat have caused death.

All types of property are covered as well including moving vehicles. Livestock and pets are also considered property for the purpose of insurance. This means that if your pet fights with and injures another animal, the insurer will pay compensation to its owner.

How useful is third party liability cat insurance?

It is true that cats are less likely to cause property damage and bodily injury to members of the public compared to dogs. This is because they are smaller, much less aggressive compared to many dogs and usually not taken outside of the owner's property. However, felines are capable of causing accidents trouble as well. If you have guests in your house and your pet is provoked to scratch a person's face, the amount of compensation claimed may be quite high.

Many people would not even consider third party liability cat insurance just because they do not take it on a leash to the park just like they would do if they had a dog. Did you know that only around 26 per cent of all cats in the UK are kept entirely indoors? Most people allow their cats to stay in their yard. Just ask yourself what would happen if your pet goes to the neighbour's garden and makes a mess of their exotic flower bed. You can only imagine the consequences of your pet running on the street and causing a car to crash as the driver tries to avoid hitting it.

It can be safely said that this type of feline pet insurance is quite useful.

How much third party liability cat insurance can I buy?

Most companies offer up to 1 million pounds. In general, you can buy as much cover as you deem fit. Consider your pet's behaviour and its lifestyle. Try to figure out what the chances of it causing property damage or bodily injury are. This will help you come up with a suitable amount that will give you the right level of financial protection.

How much does it cost?

Third party liability cat insurance is fairly inexpensive. In general, the price will depend greatly on how much cover you buy. The insurer may also take into account the area where you live and the breed and age of your cat.

The excess which you have to pay when you make a claim, however, can be considerable. It can be as much as 100 pounds. It can even reach 250 pounds, even though this is generally rare. Still, the excess fee can be a fairly small fraction of the sum the insurer will pay, especially if the third party incurring the property damage or suffering from an injury requires thousands of pounds in the form of compensation.

How can I purchase third party liability cat insurance?

This type of insurance is usually available with comprehensive policies that include not only vet fees cover, but other types of cover as well. It may be automatically included in the policy. You may be able to choose to add it optionally.

Some companies sell third party liability cat insurance as a separate policy. This is not particularly common, however. In such cases, the policy may come at a higher price as the premium is based not only on the amount of cover you buy, but also on the company's costs associated with issuing a policy and processing claims.