Time-Limited Cat Insurance - Understanding Time-Limited Cat Insurance

Time-Limited Cat Insurance

Understanding Time-Limited Cat Insurance

Are you looking for an affordable cover for your feline pet's vet bills? Then you should certainly consider time-limited cat insurance. This type of policy is the least expensive of all. Virtually any pet owner can afford it. You just have to make sure that it matches your needs and requirements. Use this guide to help you with this.

How does Time-Limited Cat Insurance Work?

The main purpose of time-limited cat insurance is to cover your veterinary bills. As its title suggests, it is valid only for a set period of time. Usually, the period is 12 months.

There is a fixed amount of cover which you can claim per condition. Put the other way round, there is a cover limit per condition. Usually, the limit is the same for all injuries and illnesses. You can make a single claim per condition. You will be able to claim up to the limit on your policy. The insurer will continue to cover the costs of treatment of the respective condition up to this maximum amount or until the policy expires, depending on whether the cover limit or the expiry date is reached first.

It is worth using an example to see how time-limited cat insurance will work in real life. Let's say that your cat gets a leg injury and you make a claim for it. The insurer will pay for the initial orthopaedic treatment, for the immobilisation of the injured leg with cast or with a specific device and for the medications which you pet has to take.

Since the treatment of the injury will be ongoing, all costs will be covered as they are incurred. You just have to provide additional information on the claim to the company in the form of receipts. The insurer will continue to pay for the treatment during the time period fixed on your policy. Usually, this period is calculated from the day of the claim onwards. However, they will stop paying if the maximum amount of cover for the injury has been used up.

As you can see, time-limited cat insurance is fairly restrictive. You will be able to use a fixed amount of cover for the treatment of an illness or injury only for a limited time period. Furthermore, you will not be able to make another claim for the same condition. Using the example above, if your cat injures its other leg you will not be able to use the policy to pay for the required treatment.

Time-Limited Cat Insurance & Vet Fees Cover

This is the main type of cover available with time-limited cat insurance, as explained earlier. You have to know what it covers and what it does not. All treatments of injuries and illnesses are covered. These include surgical treatments, dental treatments and complementary therapies. The insurer will pay for the hospital stay of your feline pet as well.

Preventive treatments such as vaccination and flea control are not included in time-limited cat insurance. The same applies to cosmetic treatments as well. The insurer will not pay for the spaying or castration of your pet. Any treatments related to breeding and whelping will not be covered.

Pre-existing conditions are excluded from time-limited cat insurance. Most companies will not cover conditions which your pet displays symptoms of during the first 10, 14 or 30 days of the policy either. While congenital and hereditary conditions are often covered, they will be automatically excluded if your pet displayed symptoms before the inception of the policy or if it displays such symptoms during the initial period set by the issuer.

Additional Cover Benefits

Most insurers allow you to pick from a variety of cover benefits to include in your time-limited cat insurance policy along with the main vet fees cover. Sometimes, these are automatically included in the package. The main additional cover benefits are for boarding fees, holiday cancellation, advertising and reward, theft and straying and death. It is up to you to decide which of these will be useful to you. Most often, cat owners find the advertising and reward and theft and straying cover benefits the most useful. The boarding fees cover can be a real life saver if you have to stay in hospital and your pet needs to be in a kennel during this time.

Cost of Time-Limited Cat Insurance

As highlighted earlier, time-limited cat insurance is the least expensive compared to all other types of policies. However, you have to take into account the fact that the premium and the excess are usually determined based on individual factors such as your pet's age and general health and your location. The cost of the policy will depend on how much cover you purchase as well. The more you get the more you will pay.

You can save on time-limited cat insurance in more ways than one. The main option is to take advantage of any available discounts. Usually, companies offer a reduction in price for online policy purchase and for the insuring of more than one pet.

In conclusion, time-limited cat insurance may not be extremely flexible, but it offers valuable cover for your vet bills. It is usually recommended for young, strong and healthy pets that are less likely to suffer an injury or fall ill.