Types of Cat Insurance - Types of Cat Insurance Explained

Types of Cat Insurance

Types of Cat Insurance Explained

You want to be certain that your pet will receive the best veterinary care in case it falls ill or gets injured. It is natural to ask yourself which one of the available types of cat insurance is right for you and your beloved kitty. Take a closer look at what is on offer in the market without the hype created by advertisers. Use this guide to obtain practical information which will help you choose the best product when you go shopping.

Lifetime Cat Health Insurance

This is the most comprehensive of all types of cat insurance. It is designed to cover the cost of , which your cat will need throughout its lifetime. Basically, it is a medical cover which you will be able to use for as long as your pet lives.

This type of pet insurance works very simply. You are entitled to an annual cover limit for every year during the term of the policy. You can use as much of it as you need without any restrictions. You can claim for all kinds of injuries and illnesses. You can make as many claims as required. In most cases, you will be able to increase the annual amount of cover at each renewal of the policy.

All standard exclusions apply even to this policy, which is the most comprehensive of all types of cat insurance. While all sorts of medical and dental treatments plus complementary therapies are covered, insurers exclude preventive, cosmetic and elective treatments. Your pet will be treated for all its injuries and illnesses under the policy, but the insurer will not pay for breeding and whelping treatments.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by this and all other types of cat insurance. These are conditions which the animal has symptoms of prior the inception of the policy and/or during an initial set period after its inception. Your pet will receive treatment for hereditary and congenital disorders, provided that they do not qualify as pre-existing.

In general, the lifetime plans are considered to be the most comprehensive as only a few, if any conditions, will qualify as pre-existing. This is because you will not have to purchase a new policy frequently. With every new policy that you buy, all conditions previously suffered by your pet will be automatically excluded since they will qualify as pre-existing.

Per-Condition Cat Health Insurance

This kind of policy does not differ from the lifetime plans in terms of the conditions and treatments covered and the ones excluded. However, it works in a different way. Instead of receiving an annual amount of health cover, you will get a maximum amount of cover per condition. This upper limit is usually the same for all illnesses and injuries.

With this one of the types of cat insurance, you will be able to use as much as the limit per condition to pay for the treatment of your pet. Usually, you will not be able to claim twice for the same illness or injury. These factors make this kind of policy fairly restrictive. The cover may not be sufficient for paying your vet bills especially if your pet gets seriously ill or injured. If your kitty suffers from a chronic illness, you will eventually use up the amount of cover per condition and you will have to pay for the treatment of your pet out of your pocket for the rest of its life.

In general, per-condition policies are recommended for young and healthy pets which are highly unlikely to fall seriously ill or incur an injury that will lead to chronic problems like arthritis.

Time-Limited Cat Health Insurance

This is the most restrictive of all types of cat insurance designed to pay for the treatment of illnesses and injuries. It has a per-condition cap and a time cap as well. The insurer will cover your kitty's treatment up to the amount per condition or up to the time limit on your policy, depending on which limit is reached first. For example, if your policy is annual, the company will pay for your pet's treatment until all the cover is used up or for one year after you make the claim. It should be pointed out that typically you can make only one claim per condition. In general, this type of policy is suitable for owners of young, healthy and strong pets that have a limited budget.

Accident and Injury Pet Insurance

This is the most basic of all types of cat health insurance plans that cover vet fees. It is designed to pay for your pet's treatment which it required due an injury or due to another medical problem resulting from an accident. Cuts, wounds, strains, fractures and poisoning and eye problems suffered as a result of an accident are all covered. Typically, there is a maximum amount of cover per injury incurred during an accident.

You can readily use accident and injury insurance for your feline pet, if you want to save money as it is the least expensive type of policy paying vet bills. However, you have to be certain that you will be able to pay for any treatments which your kitty may require due to an illness.

Consider all types of cat insurance and weigh their pros and cons to make a final decision.