Working Dog Insurance - Cover for a Working Sheep, Guard, Police and Gun Dog

Insurance for a Working Dog

Some canines are not just companions to their owners, but work hard to help people and even to save lives. These dogs can be covered by special working dog insurance. Such products are not as widely available as pet insurance policies, but you can readily find one that will give you comprehensive financial protection in case anything bad happens to the animal. Use this guide to obtain useful information about these kinds of products and practical advice on how to choose the most suitable one for you.

Working dogs that qualify for insurance.

Working dog insurance is suitable for sheepdogs, gundogs, sniffing dogs, security guard ones, search and rescue canines, guide dogs and ones involved in human medical therapies, shows, competitions and working demonstrations. Some companies offer policies specifically designed for gundogs or ones assisting security guards in their work. These are supposed to meet all the special requirements owners may have.

One important thing to note is that most companies will cover only actively working young and adult animals. This means that they may set age restrictions. In most cases, working dog insurance is available for canines up to 5 or 6 years of age. If you have an older animal, it may still qualify for coverage. However, either the limits will be lower or the cost of the policy will be higher.

It should be pointed out that some insurers offer standard pet insurance to some working dogs. These are usually canines not used for commercial purposes. Typically, gundogs, guide and assistance dogs and even sheepdogs can qualify for such policies. However, you should think things through carefully before you go for such a standard product. These plans are not designed to cover the high value most working canines have. Furthermore, they may not be effective in giving you financial protection in case of an accident that can only occur during work.

For these reasons, you should consider working dog insurance as your primary choice. Even though the products are not as abundant as their counterparts designed for pets, you will still be able to compare various deals and pick the best one. It is worth looking at what kind of benefits and how much cover you can purchase.

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Types of Working Dog Insurance Benefits

Vet fees cover is present in most policies, but not all. It is best to include it as veterinary treatments can be quite expensive. You should check carefully how this type of cover works as part of the policy which you plan to buy. Some insurers set an annual cover limit while others set a limit per condition. Find out how many claims you can make per condition.

You are highly recommended to purchase as much vet fees insurance as you can afford. You would want your work partner to be up and running in no time if it were to get sick or injured. The best way to ensure this is to provide the most effective treatment irrespective of the cost.

Disability, loss and death covers are also available as part of working dog insurance plans. As a policyholder, you will be entitled to compensation if your dog is no longer able to perform its duties due to an injury or sickness. Some companies also provide compensation in case the dog's injury or illness prevents it from breeding. The loss cover benefit can be used in case the animal is stolen or strays and does not return. You will receive compensation in case your dog dies due to an accident. The death benefit for working animals is typically larger as they are more valuable to their owners compared to any pet.

Public liability cover is present in most working dog insurance policies. You will be able to use the money to compensate members of the public that have suffered an injury or incurred property damage due to your dog's actions. It should be pointed out that livestock is regarded as property for the purpose of insurance. This type of cover is extremely useful to owners whose canines are in contact with the public. Even the most disciplined animal can accidently hurt someone or damage an object while performing its duties.

Personal accident cover is also available as part of dog insurance products. You will receive compensation if you suffer a permanent or disabling injury due to a work accident. In case you suffer a temporary injury, you will get compensated for the time during which you will not be able to work.

If you are a business owner and use dogs for commercial purposes, you may want to purchase employer's liability cover as part of your working dog insurance plan. In general, you should have all kinds of insurance covers that a company needs in order to operate in the UK. That way, you will protect yourself and the people and dogs that work for you.

Cost of Working Dog Insurance

This type of insurance is more expensive than the products designed for pets. This is because it gives you a higher level of protection and larger compensation given that your animal is more valuable. Still, you should not expect a policy to cost the world. Check if you can buy smaller amounts of certain types of cover and ask for any discounts available.